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Installation Tips

Dert Tailgate Pads are quick and easy to install
  1. With the tailgate closed, lay the pad over the tailgate.

  2. Open the tailgate and thread the straps through the gap between the tailgate and the tray, thread through the fasteners and tighten.

  3. Check that the pad and straps are positioned optimally (see notes below)


Common installation mistakes

Prolong the life of your pad and make it even easier to use by avoiding these two common installation mistakes:


Pad Rotation

You might notice people using tailgate pads with the straps which hold the bikes right on top of the tailgate. While this position works to hold the bike on, there is little to no padding at the corner edge where the bike rests. This results in the fabric of the pad getting worn prematurely. It also puts a lot of force on the down tube of your bike when going over bumps in your car.

If you rotate the pad on your tailgate so that the straps are just inside the tray, the straps work better, attach easier to the downtube, and the bike is supported by the pad’s soft inner padding.

Strap Orientation

The bike straps (the loops to hold the downtube) can be repositioned so they are easier to use and more secure when not in use.

We recommend removing the straps from the pad, and tethering the straps to the pad using the velcro next to the D ring on each strap. This makes the pad very quick to put bikes on securely, but also reduces your risk of losing a strap in the wind while driving.

strap orientation.jpg
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